Will he come back to me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating long distance for about a month. However, yesterday he told me he didn't think the relationship would work rn Bc he's graduating high school and trying to start college and a new job, and its all too much, on top of the distance. He said it's nothing I did and that he still loves me, and that he didn't want us to stop talking completely and I told him I understood, I wasn't mad at him at all, and that I would give him all the time he needed. He hasn't changed our relationship status on Facebook as of rn, and I'm his first serious relationship, he is my second one. If i wait for him patiently, and don't bug him, (i was only planning on texting him once a month) is there a possibility he might come back to me? Please share your opinions, as I want to know what other people might think.


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  • I think that he is not into you, he ia trying to break up with you without hurting you. Don't call him!
    He will call but don't make it easy for him to get back cause i feel that he took you for guaranteed


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