What would you do if a ex invited you to his or her birthday party?

I think for me personally I would find it weird even more so if we haven't talked in awhile. So I would rejected the offer even if it was some I missed, I feel like going out for a bite to eat would be better so we can catch up.


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  • I would thank them for the invitation and wish them a happy birthday, but I would probably not go to the party. I haven't spoken to my ex in months. A birthday party would be awkward. If he really wanted to get back in touch, I would prefer just getting coffee together or something else one on one. And my current boyfriend's feelings would be a factor, too.

    • That's what am saying so I totally see where your coming from..

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  • if i still feel like id get with them id go dressed hot as fuck and then pretend like im not interested but then disappear with them and make out if they initiated flirting.


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  • no don't go send a letter yes a letter thanking her for the invite but say you can't make it then lose her number. you are just setting yourself up for more heart break

    • No one said it was to date again but not bad advice

    • maybe you don't want to date her but does she want to date you and then what happens when she breaks up with you again think about it just stay away she's an ex for a reason

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