Best way to deal with a mutual break up?

Me and my boyfriend just broke up, and it was completely mutual, we both felt it wasn't the same anymore, that our feelings just weren't as strong anymore and that we weren't what eachother wanted/needed anymore, (he also wanted to move abroad with his friends and we didn't think our relationship was strong enough to stop him from going) - it was left on a positive note which I am thankful for, but I didn't realise how tough it was going to be to do deal with! We don't hate eachother, and know it is for the best, and said we want to stay friends, but haven't talked since - what is the best way to deal with a break up like this?


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  • Don't contact him for a while.. .. Take a space for yourself and get rid of the feelings


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  • Best way is to don't have contact with him until the negative feelings are gone. When you feel like you can talk without having any sad feelings during or afterwards.


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