Guys, is my ex trying to have me as her backup? PLEASE HELP?

she came back, apologized to me, we met one night and made a move, made out then she stopped and said it doesn't feel right to her because she likes me but she's been talking to this other dude and she said " I find it rude to just start dating you and telling him all of a sudden that I started dating my ex and just stop talking the way we've been talking". The dude lives in another country.

I didn't ask her to be my girlfriend, and I refuse to be her friend, if its not romance then she can crawl back to her hole, I told her this, she said she feels sad about it and that it is hard to make a choice, and it is not even that, she said she doesn't feel like dating anyone, that they just talk and they have some chemistry, that she doesn't feel like dating anyone although she likes some people.

So I'm like what the fuck, plus she wants me to be her friend so I have a first class seat to see her be the girl I deserved her to be with me to some other guy? what a way to make it up to me lol.

what you guys think? I think it's obvious here but is there a chance she is being honest or she is just making up bullshit excuses to have me as her fucking backup?


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  • I think she wants you as her back up just in case things don't work out with her and other guys. I think she likes the attention you give her and you make her feel safe.


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