Do I Still have a chance?

My girlfriend broke up with me around 3 days ago, after hours of texting on messenger, she blocked me on Facebook. The day after, she unblock me and send me a text saying that she want her boots back and her friend is gonna collect it from me. I didn't reply her message for a few hours until her friend asked me if I'm alright and she is asked by my ex to checked up on me. Everytime I text my ex she would tell me it's over between us and for me not to pursue her anymore, but she kept asking her friend to ask how I feel and her friend told me she missed me. I'm planning to come to her place in 2 days. Do you think she still care about me and I still have a chance based on that story? and what should I say when I do see her?

Thanks before


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  • i won't say that you still have a chance. but who am i to say.
    goodluck brah. ヽ (⌐■_■) ノ♪♬


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