I want her back in my life! What do I do?

so I was friends with benefits with a woman 10 years older than I am for about a month and a half. We got along very well. Last week, she was struggling mentally and emotionally being with me as she initially wanted to be single for a long long time.

Thursday afternoon, we had a nasty argument about our relationship how she didn't want to be in it and she said it was a stupid idea. She was yelling at me on the phone.

anyways, saw her at the gym again on Thursday evening and she was miraculously happy to see me. I ended up spraining my ankle again!( happen last month) and she drove me home, called me "babe", and like really took care of me.
I spoke to my brother about this. Last night, she messaged me "how are you?" and my brother told me not to reply until the following morning (to show that I don't really need her and i have better things to do). So I replied to her in the morning saying "i'm good". Then she asked about my ankle and I said it's fine.
What do I do? I do care for her a lot!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well I think you should let her know you want her in your life. But be aware that she may want something you don't. If you really care for her and think you might someone more than just a friends with benefits that's obviously gonna be a problem for her since she just wants to single. Once you figure out what kind of relationship you want to have with her You can either continue having her in your life and just force yourself to be okay with that situation or you if you want her more than just a friends with benefits you can do yourself a favor and try to move on. Nonetheless it sounds like she knows what she wants and now it's just you who has to really figure it out what you want from her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Do Something you know she wants don't be pathetic no girl likes a guy that is needy self caucious and dependent and pick up you game if she left you because you look like shit don't do shit no job don't care for shit change that nobody cares for somebody like that if that's it fix your shit get a haircut take a shower clean your house take her to dinner and talk about everything you will change if she won't talk to you give her some time and give it another try again don't be needy every girl likes confidence tell her that you love her write her a poem something symbolic about the both of you romance girls love that shit and why did you break up if you know why change it fix it look this might sound rude but I'm giving you the truth of what you need to do and look if she does not care for you at all starts seeing someone else you need to get over it find someone that likes you for you I mean get to know someone don't just be creepy and randomly ask a girl you don't know out on a date talk to her for like 5 minutes then ask make it casual don't cry be a man then ask let me know if this is any help full


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