Miss this girl like crazy, what should I do?

This girl says she doesn't like me the way she used to, mainly because she said I didn't appreciate her enough over the years, that I never made any effort for her. She was very spiteful always mentioning hurtful things i might have unintentionally said to her, seemingly trying to make me feel bad for it. Enough was enough and I couldn't deal with the resentment so I told her how I felt about her, that I was crazy for her, but she only told me she doesn't love me, that she has never loved or been with anyone. So I told her I would have to leave because it was taking its toll on me. She was very reluctant to let me go, pleading that we stay friends, she even said this was my "final rejection" of her, as if I had ever rejected her before. She closed by grudgingly accepting it and wrote, "I expect an invitation to the wedding!", to which I didn't think much at the time but it was an odd thing to write considering I was not seeing anyone at any point during the time we knew each other. We haven't spoken in about 8 months and I miss her like nothing else but we've removed each other on social media etc. Saying that I've noticed some things she posts on instagram. One was a wedding cake with quote "Its symbolic, or is it?" Any tips?


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  • Just wait till you don't feel so


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