Want suggestions about my relationship?

hai my name is raj. i want some suggestions about my relationship. i love a girl and we were in relationship for 5 but for last 1 one year i went to other city for some work and due that our we can't spend that much of time with her on phone... due to this she think that i not love her but in real i am working so hard so i can give her a good life in future. My girlfriend started working in a company where she make some new friends who were manipulates my girlfriend mind over my relationship. one day due some reason we fight and we didn't talk for 4 days. when i called her on 5th day she was very angry because one of her colleagues in office start manipulates her that i am using her i don't love her. That guys is in love with my girlfriend so he got chance to destroy our relationship. He told her that i called him and abused him even he told her that i say many bad words about her. Due to this she starts hating me breakup with me and starts relationship with that guy. I love her so much but i can explain my situation to her because of that guy. what i will i do...


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  • If he has manipulated her to the point where she has broken up with you and started dating him, then they're going to have serious problems in their relationship and probably won't be together for too long. Just let her know the truth and tell her she can always come to you if he treats her wrong

    Or you can move on with your life and try to forget about her the best you can. This is the more difficult option. If you choose to do this, tell her it's too late when they break up and she comes crawling back

    I personally don't think she deserves to be with someone who cares about her if she's willing to give up a 5-year relationship for some manipulative schmuck and you're probably better off dating someone you can have better communication with. You might be better putting off dating until you're done with your work anyway and in a better spot to be able to give a woman the attention she needs in a relationship

    • i tried many time to move on but i can't. i love here so much but she think that my love is just fake.. i will wait for her till my last breath

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    • i am going to die

    • You're not going to die. Honestly you're better off without her if she's just going to throw away a 5-year relationship just like that. You also have to accept​ your part in it. You admitted you moved too far away and didn't call her enough. Don't let that happen in your next relationship or you'll have the same problem

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  • 🙁 I'm really sad. Reading this post. Don't know what to say.

    Express what you feel to her and wait for sometime.
    Better option is to move on which is the hardest. If she left you today how can you believe that she will stick with you forever


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