What should you do when a good friend of yours has just broken up with her boyfriend?

So, this was completely out of the blue. She went to see him today. And he was saying "it's over between us" He was dropping her hints for a few weeks, but she was completely oblivious to it which I thought was dickish of him. I was saying to her that she should either go home from her uni house (she;s just finishing uni) or she can stay come and stay with me for a few days, although we're opposite ends of the country. She's up north , I'm south. She wanted to go to her mates house, but recently he asked her out but she said she had a boyfriend, but I feel he's needy and kinda manipulative. But in her vulnerable state it wouldn't have best just in case he tried it on with her. I'm not sure what to suggest really other than coming up to see her in her home town.


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  • you should go see her. be there for her. she needs you, and no one else right now.


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