Ex boyfriend asked me who I slept with?

I broke up with him 2 months ago, and we recently started talking a few weeks ago. Long story short, he asked me who did I slept with and I replied with dots and he said "Damn well I see," what does that mean? Is he somewhat jealous? I mean I'm not with him anymore...


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  • He's a ex, why are you even entertaining his thoughts?

    • I'm not that's why I replied with dots, that's none of his business

    • Exactly, it's like my ex wife asking who I have around her daughter? Hell, she hasn't v
      even attempted to see my daughter in over three years and who I see is none of her business.

    • Right I totally agree with you

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  • first off its none of he's business and second yes he's jealous as even though you two not together there will always be feelings there

  • don't worry what he thinks


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