Why do I behave like this?

I had a boyfriend for 2 years and we lived together and we were madly in love. Then 1 day he decides he wants to leave, which isn't OK for me but I had to accept that and move on which I finally have. A few months after we met up and ended up in bed, This happened 3 times whilst he was with sum1 else... Its been about a year now and ever since then I have had a few unsuccessful relationships. Each time I am not happy. But when I'm single I always tend to go for guys who have a girlfriend or partner. Its not something I look 4 in a guy but its just a trend in the way I choose. I any1 can tell me why I'm like thins and what I can do to improve this I will b very thankful xx


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  • well it sounds like you have had you're heart broken. and because he left for no reason its even worse for you because you don't know why he left .i don't know the real resone but it sounds like you are with people who are in relashionships because you want to know why you're ex left you.


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