What's with everyone cheating on people?!

oh my god. Seriously, I've seen *how* many questions pertaining to "my boyfriend's cheating on me" or "I'm sleeping with a guy who's cheating on their girlfriend."? Seriously, people? C'mon don't cheat.. That's just so wrong and it hurts a hell of a lot when your the girlfriend/boyfriend getting cheated on. If you're gonna cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend you might as well just break up with them cause that's what it's gonna lead to (it will be hell of a lot easier on the girlfriend/boyfriend if you break up with them too). COMMON SENSE.


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  • cheaters should leave/be left soon

    It's pretty obvious they don't care that much about the other person anymore

    love is a kindof touchy subject, not alotta people really get it, they only think they do...

    I say if you truly love and respect your significant other, than you will never cheat


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  • I noticed in your examples you didn't give anything about women cheating. Furthermore by saying cheating on "girlfriend/boyfriend" you still NEVER dictated that women whom have been proven by countless surveys are more likely to cheat then men as men could have both of those. However to explain the reason why it is simple. Selfishness. It is the most common human attribute nowadays as people have gone beyond the need of each other. Why get a job when you get money for free? Why have sex with one person when you secretly f*** the super hot neighbor behind their back? The fact of the matter is people are no longer grateful for what they have. I've always been rather observant of the world and I can see how things have come to pass as to what they were. All the obvious signs that eventually led to catastrophe. Girls become pregnant and wail how life isn't fair despite the hours of constant sex they had that led to it. Men wail how their wives have cheated on them when all along the reason of distress is simply put that they didn't get to do it themselves. It could possibly be I matured much faster for my age then most, but all of these human fallacies became clear to me since the day I turned 10. I've seen through all of peoples lies and observed the cracks of the image of perfection they try to create. I've even sat there and listen to my father speak lie after lie after lie to me. It's the reason I wouldn't shed a tear if he died. I had a girlfriend that cheated on me, but I saw it coming as it was not hard to tell. She wouldn't even look me in the eye right before she was going to do it. I followed her back to her house, recorded it, and uploaded her cheating video on every pornographic website possible. I almost didn't do it as I had a pang of humanity tell me how badly it would hurt her, but humanity is weak. I didn't so much upload the video in revenge as I did it for the sheer amusement of her being humiliated. I rather enjoy crushing people :D

    • Oops, I didn't mean not to say that women don't cheat cause they definitely do. You're totally right though, people are really selfish and not grateful at all. That really sucks.

  • Too many people get into a relationship, when it's not a relationship they actually want. They either want just sex, or they don't really like the person they're getting with (they just like how that person is making them feel at that time, which isn't the same thing as loving someone).

    Then there's also the case where they cheated but it was just an accident. That sh*t happens to lots of people and yes it's a mistake. No it's not an excuse, but it happens and it's part of human nature. Trying to change this would be like going up to girls and tell them to stop getting with assholes who don't give a sh*t about them, and start paying attention to nice guys who do care - it's just not ever gonna happen because that's not how things are.

    Also, you might wanna read this:


  • I'll never understand cheating. Whenever I have a girlfriend it'll be like I just got a diamond ring. Worth so much I won't do anything to hurt it. That sounded lame but I think it's a good description. lol

    • Also the people getting cheated on need to leave the cheaters. They tend to always stick around. Which just enables the cheater.

    • Awe, that's sweet.

    • And that about people leaving the cheaters is so true.

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  • Ugh, I know! I don't understand what would bring a person to doing that! At least have the common decency of breaking up with the person! And why a person would get with a guy/girl if they knew there was someone else. Why would they want that person in their life? They'll probably end up doing it to them. It's called KARMA PEOPLE. I would have to say cheating is one of the lowest lows a person can do in a relationship. If a person isn't sure what they want, well than find people that are like, don't string along someone who could quite possibly be falling in love with you. Really, it's horrible how often people cheat these days. I can't imagine ever doing that or creating that pain upon someone, it's such a horrible pain. I guess there's two types of people, the ones that really care, and the ones that just don't know. The second group tend to be the cheaters. And they don't deserve to have anyone in their lives to be completely blunt. But anyways, I'm with ya girl! It's RIDICULOUS!

  • Meh. I understand the theory "If you're going to cheat on them; just leave them." but so many people cheat because they love the thrill, the danger, and the power they get from having two people at once and one not knowing, you know?

    Guys and girls alike will get off on the thought of having a one night stand and then going home to their significant other. They feel powerful, and the adrenaline. Not all, but quite a few.

    Some just aren't ready for commitment and feel the need to scatter themselves, relationships scare them sometimes so they might go astray.

    But none of those reasons in no way make it right.


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