What advice would you offer a good friend whose just been dumped by her boyfriend?

So , a very good friend of mine has just broken up with her boyfriend. I kinda like her too. He did it completely out of the blue. after him saying to her he was giving her hints by ignoring her and stuff. And she was saying how was she oblivious to it and stuff. They've been dating for almost two years She's got anxiety / mental health issues and shizz, like I have too. She's still shocked and upset at the moment, I'm really rubbish at giving her advice. She's just finishing uni. I've offered to let her stay around mine, we're at opposite ends of the country. She's been asking me for advice if she should go home and stuff. We're quite close. Or offered to come up to her home town so she has someone she feels comfortable around. I'm not sure what else to suggest.


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  • tell her that reason of our happiness, sadness, our every expression is we ourself and no one else. let's not make another human being to control our emotions. press the FUCK IT button and move on :)
    give my best to her

    • Thanks man. I will do. Kinda wanna do more for her. But, sadly she's the opposite end of the UK for me. It's sucky for her cause she was oblivious she just assumed everything was ok. I don't why he wasn't completely honest with her after two years instead of just ignoring her and stuff.

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  • You'll find another one..


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