Do women cheat more than men?

well women are just as sexually active as men and we seem to get the flak as being the worse of the two. why is this, as there is no real proof that we are more likely to cheat? are women just desperate to cling on to their dignity so much more than us men or is there proof somewhere that us cheating more is actually a real statement?

well so far there's nothing to say men are any worse, its all about the facts. not theories.


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  • Yes but its not a good study since only 3,000 women participated.


    • I would say that that is quite a representative sample!

    • I did more research and I found that Histrionic Personality disorder may be the reason as to why women are more likely to cheat. Here's the link:

  • Guys have a more open sociosexual orientation= more positive attitude towards casual sex

    Evolutionary- We want to procreate with as many mates as we can to enhance our biological legacy (our genes in hybrids). Women however want to make sure that their mate will provide the resources and take care of them so they're more selective when it comes to sex.

    These evolutionary pressures are still present subconsciously; they are however a bit weakened nowadays due to birth control, which is basically fooling nature (not a bad thing).

    • I agree with you.

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    • Regardless, it's probably true due to the explanation above lol

    • Well actually this doesn't prove anything: ever heard of the chuckoo's egg?

      its a well known and known to be used tactic amongst human females in order to make a statement you'd have to actually compare those two claims and then match them against each other to see if there is a prevalence for either one

      for the asker I recommend

      and her works in general

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