... this is mostly for the ladies, but also for guys (who have cheated on their girlfriend(s) before in the past).

-* ladies, have you ever been cheated on? if so, how did you find out and how many times had your partner cheated on you before you finally knew? ... did you have that whole intuition/gut feeling thing you couldn't get rid of, or were you completely taken by surprise? did your partner get caught up by being stupid (lying about where they were, text messages etc)? what were some signs/red flags that you noticed? .. and most importantly, and I know this is going to probably be a dumb question but I genuinely want to know (because I think I've been cheated on but am not 100%), how did you feel?

-* and for the guys, if you have cheated on your girlfriend (or ones in the past), what was your REASON for doing so? was it because your current girlfriend wasn't "good enough"? .. was she not doing something (sexually or emotionally) that you felt needed to be done so you had to go elsewhere for it? did you feel guilty about it or was it something you didn't think twice about? was the girl you cheated on your partner with someone you knew (a friend) or someone random (one night stand style)? and most importantly, what were some of the signs you showed that you were cheating (like did you act/dress differently, were you less interested in sex, were you more protective/secretive about her looking in your phone,did you pick more fights etc)?
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