Does time really heal after breakup? How long it did take for u and how did u get over it?

I broke up with a girl 2 month ago, we fought a lot, but i really loved her and she did too. We had our good times too. She was very important to me so i wanted to stay as friends, then she tried to drag me back. But my mind says get over her and move on. I still care about her. I deleted her from fb, phone number etc. Does this work the most effective way? That i dont hear anything about her anymore. thanks for reading and ansrews. I miss her but i dont love her anymore, i still miss our times


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  • It took me 3 months to heal after my first ex. I'm still healing from the second ex but we were together a lot longer and it only happened less than 6 weeks ago. It takes a different amount of time for every person based on the circumstances of the break up, how long you were together etc. but time will ultimately heal you in the end.

    • If people hurt from losing the ones you love why do we breakup

  • Time does heal you, it can just take a while. I absolutely agree the best way to get over an ex is to delete their number and them from Facebook. It's unhealthy to constantly be checking up on them and it makes it a lot harder to move on if you can still see their pictures etc. I think if people can still stay friends with their ex they were never in love. It hurts too much to see them, in my opinion.


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