Have you ever had a break from a relationship?

you've not entirely broken it off, but are both trying to sort things out; by separating eachother and trying to have a break from how intense things get when you clash too much with them or spend too much time with them too.

at first i thought maybe it was a good decision, but now i'm thinking that one of us will enjoy the time apart too much? maybe one of us will go fuck someone else? maybe we'll just never see eachother again?

having a "break" is probably not a good idea but it was the only thing we could do without damaging everything we have, plus we dont want to lose eachother..


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  • Nope. That's a sigh that's its not going to work. EVER.


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  • No cuz then if you take a break an you say we're not a couple the tour free to date till you get back together then what happens if I start liking sum 1 new a have fillings I can stop an say to that person I'm done it's not fair to them

  • yea i have not from my choosing before i could even voice my opinion my now ex jumped into bed with someone else

    • i'm sorry to hear that 😔

    • yeah we were on a ldr as she left for the army it was on the cards that it was going to happen i was just blind with love for her

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