Longtime friend to possible gf?

okay so had a friend since high school been best friends for over ten years. never kissed or nothin. had tried to se if she wanted to date years ago and she said no. your my best friend and i dont wanna lose you. fine i kept on and couple of months ago out drinking out of the blue she starts sayin how and why we wouldn't work dating. i didn't comment at time. weve gotten ckoser in the last few months and then she is out of state so talking on phone. decided to go see her. amd when out w a friend of hers , her friend said y'all are too good together y'all look at each other like that , whats the deal.. we both said nothing but she knew.. i alwayd thought it was just me. so that night we ended up kissing an sleeping together and continueing to. then when i left she said no it won't work i dont feel that way. but i know her and i know she building her wall bc she is getting feelings and I've been back again to see her and it was the same we did and when i left she said never again. went back and i think she got jealous i was hanging out w hr friend when she had an appoontment. when she got back we started hanging out and when i kissed her she said no... and i left then. it was a mistake a d im not sure on how to tell her i didn't leave bc she wouldn't sleep w me. it just showed me she may not have feeling and i dont wanna ruin our friendship


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  • Many love stories died because he didn't propose her.


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