Ex's friend keeps looking my photos and posts?

Why does my ex's best friend like some of my Facebook posts? I thought best friend's were supposed to despise their friend's ex's. I know for a fact that she doesn't like me so that's definitely not an option.


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  • no i get what you are saying... yes there is a girl code that we dont bother with our friend's ex but if she is doing all of that then she is trying to get your attention... whether she wants u for her self... to be friendly... or more shady things can occur. you can ignore it or straight up ask her whats up?


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  • thats stupid. your broken relationship has nothing to do with her.

    • it's supposed to say liking in the header

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    • i was at work so let me explain better...
      just because you and miss broke up doesn't mean the besty has to hate you. thats a childish notion. she may just be being friendly or maybe she actually considers you a friend.

      there is also a small possibility that she was pretending not to be crushing on you because you were with her friend and now that you're single the chase is on. why are you so sure she doesn't want you?

    • because she's in a happy relationship. I know social media isn't a good gauge when it comes to seeing how a relationship is but the last I knew her and her boyfriend were falling hard for one another

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