He's using condoms -just not with me. Is he cheating?

Been with this man for 3 years. We used condoms but stopped after 1 year. We do not live together, so about a month ago I was over at his place after 2 week holiday. He gives me a mild peck and is acting a bit erratic. He offers a massage and takes out some gel from the bedside drawer. I'm thinking "where did he get that?", so I say "let me do you", and take the bottle to see it's a lady stimulating gel he used to use on me. So afterwards, I put it back in his drawer and see he has a bunch of the condoms that I think we used to use all scattered. At this point I'm not sure what to think so I decide to count the condoms and then put in a ziplock bag push it to the back of the drawer. A few weeks later I am back at his place and he again is acting weird, so I take a peek at the drawer and the bag is wide open at the front of the drawer and there are condoms missing. I quietly took the bag, made an excuse to leave and now don't know how to confront him. He cheated on his ex-wife (the reason they are divorcing), and he is a person with a short attention span always getting bored, but I told him I wouldn't be tolerant to cheating and that he should just tell me if he wants to see others. Is he cheating and how should I confront him? It's been 4 days so not sure he's seen the condoms missing.
He's using condoms -just not with me. Is he cheating?
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