Is it just me? All of my exes always try to come back?

I have "seriously" dated about half a dozen guys and every single one of them have tried at one point or an other to re-kindle the romance. Each one we broke up for different reasons and if we happen to cross paths and they have a girlfriend they still try.

Why do guys do this? Am I the only one it has happened to constantly?

any input would be helpful - thanks :)


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  • maybe they are looking for a second run, friendship or's easier to do any of these with someone you've had an experience with already

    • I didn't think about it like that .. good point!

      the best motto tho is .. once an ex ALWAYS an ex and for good reason lol

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  • lol I know the feeling. ALL my ex's have tried to get back with me at one point or another.

    the best thing to do is hit them in the head with a frying pan and run. with very few exceptions, ex's are ex's for a reason

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