Make My Ex SEE how he took our family for granted?

Mother of his first and only beautiful baby girl. we have been together for 3 years had a few break ups- but slot of memories and taking things for GRABTED. When we met I was only 18 him being 31 the age different was significant but I wasn't looking to settle down and he chased me I was hard to get. was fun and did what I wanted so he worked hard to win me.. once I commuted to him and had his child.. it was over. basically he started small things flirting then open addiction ad well as substance abuse now almost daily and he was ignore me have sex and then that's when I felt him really there and the love after I would find the "innocent " convos, pictures then money spent on sex lines and then even his exes when we broke up he met up with s chuck but she left before he could make his moves.. he won't even admit to this yet I have the proof. I admitted to own up to it out of respect for him but I just can't seem to keep him into me he is staying with his mom a lot claiming he's so tied and we barely talk and when we do we snoop and then fight then he starts the shady shit and I over react. break down and make him leave cause I am so bitchy anybody would go I think he trys to find a way out and I tried friends then the young girl then the good mom good wife and the botch I don't play games so i just want him to see what he took for granted I am not that women anymore but it's only fair he doesn't make into s monster.. all the wrong stuff he never sees the good in me.. and I want respect already help I'm in pain.. anybody


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  • Never have anything to do with an ex. Now you know why. What you're wanting to do is something women always think will work. It's called a guilt trip. It won't work so give it up. The first breakup is when you should've permanently and completely ended it. Shame on you for taking him back thinking things would be different. Shame on you for thinking a baby would make him want you. You've only yourself to blame for all of it

    • Yeah no, it's not all her fault, it's definitely his fault too. Sure she should share the blame for being naive and too forgiving, but you're going way overboard. The guys a douche, he deserves his due.

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    • Okay. I'll respect your opinion but I did not get pregnant to keep a man first of all. I was on birth control did not ever think of bringing a baby into this world to be that selfish I've been on bc since I was 15 and now I'm 22. I watched my mom's mistakes she had 3 kids by 22. and I'll just say I have respect for myself but my daughter was a turning point for MY life. Once i had her I gave up my own happiness and thought I just want our family to work.. it's stupid for me and yes I have let him take advantage but you have no right to call me challenged or put me down.. we all got our issues but your right it's gone I can't make him do a damn thing..

    • Just want to make it clear that I was calling him challenged, not you.

      But yeah I don't think adding context will work, people like him don't care about reasoning and context.

  • I can't read this entire wall of text, but I'd say move on. Don't try to make bad people "see" why they're bad. Just move on, worry about yourself and your family.


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