Need help to make my crush realise who is angry with me?

My crush has gone angry on me due to a reason where i was forced to be with some other girl. Me and my crush had a very very very close and tight bond and some personal things have made her loose respect on me, but trust me i haven't wrong done anything to make her loose respect on me.

My crush faced a very bad time few months ago and i supported her with my best. I use to hold her in all her bad and good times.

Suddenly an incident happened where i was forced to love another girl. The force was not by mu crush bt was with the girl who was forcing me to love her.

This caused a fight between my crush and the forcing girl which made my crush angry on me and she went away saying dnt wanna be in touch with u anymore.

I supported her in all her times without keeping any single demands but when i actually need her she is going away leaving me alone.

A sweet love story was about to start between me and my crush bt some came and parted us both.
My crush is not ready to talk to me i tried a hundred of times to make her realise that i still love her and i am just with her..

I guess she won't eva return back, my final hopes are left here, If anyone can seriously help me, i truly appreciate them.. u can save my true love from breaking.

Thanks in advance.
Need help to make my crush realise who is angry with me?
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