Getting over someone?

I met this guy when I was 11 and I really liked him. At some point he said he liked me back and we were sort of a thing. We never talked much in person bc we were both shy or whatever but it was as real as our naive selves could handle.

I'm 17 now and we go to different schools. We don't talk much anymore but we're on good terms... I've never really moved on I guess? I saw him last summer and concluded that we're not, and never were compatible... Seeing him once more really helped me accept that we weren't meant to be and start to move on.

Recently, I found out that he's seeing someone and I guess I'm really happy for him, that he's found someone that makes him happy and all that but I can't help but feel kinda sad? I don't feel like crying like I used to but it still hurts a little. I know I could never make him as happy as whoever he chooses to date, no matter how hard I tried.

I don't know man, why is the moving on process so long and ineffective? Throughout these 5 years, I've tried liking other people, cutting off contact... I don't want to go on and continue to dwell on some elementary school crush that I once naively claimed to be love.

Thanks if you actually read this lmao... appreciate any thoughts or advice about my stupid stubborn feelings 🙃


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  • With getting over a freind it is twice as hard because you have to separate your feelings for him. It hurts when you get a memory of your freindship or see a part of your freindship with him in something. However those are the good memories that you need to accept and not push away. What you need to push away are the romantic feelings and the ideas that come with it and over time you will get better at differentiating which is which and what your feeling. The fun memories will in time seem fun again and not painful.
    It is hard to get over someone and it takes time. Often the quickest way is to fall for someone else.

  • Its natural that this feeling happens at this age of time.
    I would suggest you to concentrate on your studies and make a cool career.

    always remember, there are steps for successful life.
    1. study
    2. career
    3. love
    4. success

    if u skip 2. and go for 3. then u will miss a huge thing that is career.
    so better concentrate on ua studies.. for a moveon you can get a hobby like playing music, singing classes which will. help u keep busy apart from. studies.



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