Did he only want to date me because I was his only option?

my boyfriend said he felt weird about our relationship and he left me told me some girl he knew for 10 years and told me he said that she told him she liked him... and that he liked her for while... why be in a relationship with someone if you love someone else... he said he felt right with me but for 3 mouths or so and it started feeling weird... why did he do this. I ask him why bother to date me and he said he thought I was cute and liked me and still does he just doesn't feel the connection. did he only date me just to date someone? he was good in the realtionship at first but then it started going less and less


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  • a lot of people get together without really knowing what they want out of the relationship.

    and so they just remain there until the fire dies out and this sort of stuff happens, it means he wasn't ready to commit enough to you, i belive.

  • It's really funny when there are boys who can shave and girls who can put on make-up think they know it all.

    Just as stated, he didn't know what he wanted. But to go further, I want to give you an insight in these type of situations.

    Whether we like it or not, we often struggle with decisions. Often times it's ones weighing desire and moralism. The two possibility I see here is that the boy (not man) could have liked you but felt that you were too good for him and thought it moral to end it when shallow than deep. Another possibility is that he had a hidden desire stimulated by situation that he could not overcome and had to have his desires (not needs) met.

    Either way, he had no foundation on who he is and attempts to find fulfillment in things/people that won't last. Count it blessing that he isn't one to call you "the one." What heavy expectation he put on you to help him define himself.

    • it just for some reason. I feel he is lying about still liking me or even liking me at all

    • A good indicator of boy who can shave. Each person's minds to their own; there is no way to know exactly what that person is thinking. Ironic thing is that sometimes we don't even know what we are thinking or why we are thinking the way we do. But if seek a person's motivation, why becomes evident.

  • yeah


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