Does he still like me?

My ex ended things for like 2weeks.. .. we've not talked since then but then he's in the same hostel with my best friend who's a guy. ... so one day he saw my Bff and asked him how's your best friend and my Bff replied oh""oh I'm just coming from seeing her ""and my ex was like "oh now you guys are dating? ?"and my ex told him nothing and just walked away. ... does he still likes me cus he has always been jealous of my bff during our relationship. . i don't know if I want him back. .. Saw him in class and he gave me a blank stare and I felt he was looking at me. . its our 3rd break up.. .. does he still feel for me


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  • Are you and your BFF dating

    • No we are not. ... my Bff told him no we r not and just walked away.. .

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    • Knowing Guys, he's probably handling the pain alone. And he Loathes you for Crying on your Best Friend's Shoulder and the Fact that you have someone to care for you

    • Yh he has friends

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