Guys, Did I ruin any future conversations with my ex?

For years I never thought of my ex. Then all of a sudden, I've thought about him every day for 3 months. We finally spoke and things were going great UNTIL I ruined it all. We dated for a few years. We both live great lives now. I ruined it by texting him to say that I never got closure from our breakup, that I was devastated by how he acted after the break up. Our texts before that were just fine. Who texts their ex this after breaking up 10 years ago! The thing that kills me most is Im way better than that person who let her feelings show. My life is so great, Im happy, great job, yet I let my emotions get the best of me? How does he feel now? I texted him the other day and he didn't answer. Im not going to contact him anymore. Do you think if things were going okay at first and then I scared him away, that months or years down the road, he will be ok to talk to me again? I truly love him and am not sure how to redeem myself after I let my emotions get the best of me. I didn't do any crazy texting or calling, I just feel like I scared him away by bringing up the breakup. I know men dont do well with women talking about their feelings. No contact for 6-8 months should be enough before I reach out again? Every 5 or 6 years we talk like friends but this time our breakup was mentioned. We dated for years so I dont think all is lost is it?


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  • He might thought why you have called then just for the break up convermation? shouldn't have mentioned break up think when texted back cos texting ckearly shows you want to get back. Your text gave him hope you want him back and at the same time it made him disappointed thinking you just texted to confirm break up. Never too late. You can call him and make it clear you want to get back if you like. He will understand. Dont mention past breakup things. It is not needed to sort the break up inorder to make it clear that you want to get back. Its already cleared itself in the moment you both again talked. Consider like break up never hapenned. When youvate trying to get back, both of you have to start again. cannot make points from the past how you loved and carry it forward. Have to start a new like you are again dating for the first time same person.

    • Thank you for your advice! I dont want to bring up the breakup again.

    • You are welcome.

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