Boyfriend's ex-girlfriend?

I'm not sure what to think about my boyfriends ex-girlfriend still being in contact with him, would like other peoples opinion on the matter.


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  • For me it would kind of depend on the kind of contact. If they're overly friendly/ flirty, talk all the time, that would be a bit bothersome. If he's open an honest about his contact with her and its not a constant thing, then I wouldn't worry too much about it, just personally.


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  • If my boyfriend were in contact with his ex - I would be flying off the wall. But that's me.

    Some people don't care if exs are in contact ( not sure why they WOULD be). I would suggest if your guy is talking to this girl a lot and not telling you about her - I would suggest you meet this girl. What better way to see what she's up to than to be in the same room - Either she's up to no good - or you stand a chance of becoming friends ( Some do... I wouldn't - but again.. that's ME).. I believe I should be enough for the guy I'm with and an ex is an ex for a REASON. If he hides info about her , is secretive with his computer or cellphone - I'd be extremely leery. If he laughs it off and hardly talks to her - I'd let it go but keep alert to any future developments. I would ask him why he feels the need to have contact with her. If he has nothing to hide - he should be able to tell you. And he shouldn't mind you meeting her if he considers her a "friend" now... Some exs manage to salvage a friendship. Only one who can tell you is him.

  • I have never had a situation like this that ended well. That's just my own personal experience though. Wish you the best of luck!


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