What actually should I do?

days before the guy i was dating said that he has self issues , he feels no joy from life. I offered him anything he wants to make him feel good but he said that he doesn't know what he wants and i ended it up. But i realized that these word maybe were for me. I had a pretty though months. Like i felt no joy i was not going out , i showed him the passive and anxious me. What should i do?


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  • that whole question is confusing, can you reword it

    • my English is not good

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  • You should let things be the way they are now. You two need to grow, find your own self and that's a process you have to go alone. If you don't know what to want nobody will know that for you, fix your mind! Good luck

    • i want to find out if he said these words to push me away or does he really feel that way

    • Oh ok, he felt that way

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