What advice would you give a friend whose just broken up with their boyfriend?

So a good friend of mine has just come out of a relationship. I kinda like her. They've been dating for almost two years. They're both in their early twenties. Just finishing uni and stuff. He's second year, she's third year. She's found out that he doesn't want a serious relationship until his late twenties, so he kept ignoring her and stuff. Not knowing how to breakup with her She thought it was cause of exam time , so she was oblivious. . He dumped her. She's not used to being dumpee rather the dumper. She's still into him at the moment. They were dating for almost two years. They're both early twenties. He had just falling out of love with her and was just giving her hints like ignoring her and stuff. I wanna give her advice but I'm not the best with words and shizz , but I wanna be there to support her. They were having problems back last year when he told her that she should wear more provactive clothing so he can call her his. He wouldn't meet her family' either when her sister had invited him. Saying he wanted to keep that side separate etc. It's still pretty raw in her at the moment. I don't live near her unfortunately but planning to see her soon. I've offered her to come and stay at mine for a few days but we both live at opposite end of the UK. I'm down south she's up north. I'm planning on seeing her in a couple of weeks


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  • Don't be surprised if you two end up hooking up and she ditches. If I were in your shoes I'd actually be a tad distant from her during this time and let her figure out her shit then try and see her a couple months down the road so the chance of being a rebound is greatly reduced.


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  • It sounds like he realized he made a mistake by leaving you and is doing everything he can to get you back/ see you. My advice: Dont buy into it! People like this are honestly toxic and will play the same games with you over and over again. Not worth it at all. Just continue to ignore him and honestly if the stuff is replaceable just let it go because people like this dont stop and get a bit obsessive. Id honestly cut all communication with him blocked on everything because of his persistence.

  • Be patient


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  • it is in past.. and yes past may hurt.. bt one should learn frm it...

    everything hapns for a reason and later or sooner that reason is always good.
    so let it flow dnt force things.. ask her remember her plans when her boyfriend was stranger to her..
    move on and put effort to make life btr..
    coz she do have family and frnds who love her and care her more thn that guy


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