Guys, Why is my ex being difficult?

He broke up with me, Thursday will be a month. He tried writing to me every week like as if we talked normally. I would not respond. Only thank you after he wished me a Happy Mother's Day. He won't send my stuff by mail. I asked him twice the first week. He insists on bringing it to me. I've been in no contact with him, and just Monday he apologized about my stuff, and said he would mail it or bring it. I live three hours away from him, he has family that lives an hour away that he supposedly wants to go see. He never tried to go see them? I'm just really confused. What is he trying to pull here? why does he keep trying to contact me if he is the one who is done? I already gave him my address to send my things, and he knows the address.


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  • Maybe he wants to be friends but keeping your stuff is not cool and of course you don't have to be friends if you don't want to.


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