Dating at work, aftermath?

So against my better judgement I dated a chuck that I work with started off small and just hooking up but went all the way to actually living together at one point and being together for actually over a a year. slowly things just started getting bad was never just one of us but both broke up a few time and got back together. if ally the last breakup has been serious she told me she was dating someone new I told her I was fine with it. but now I find out its someone who come to our place of employment all the time. ladies why would she do this I don't hold estate think this guy is her type or that it will being that I know her and this person is. but I asked her maybe we should keep our new relationships away from work for awhile. and then she told everyone I still haw feeling for her. how can I just make it stop


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  • Concentrate on your work it would be better for you. No one is interested in your life its just bothering you dont you have frnds at work go chill out with them


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