Do guys come back after they break up with you due to their own personal family issues? Do they miss their girls or do they hate then forever?

He was great with me like a month ago then stuff happened and within three weeks he changed his mind about me? im sure he loved me we were together for more than three years. He says he doesn't want to ever get back with me but he has done this before too and I was very angry with him and he got me back after a lot of struggle. Why is he doing this again? Why do guys do this kind of stuff do they like hurting the girl they love? Does it make them feel better about their problems? Does it make their depression go away. I just think he is veryy immature to do some thing like this again because whenever a problem comes he has got to take it all out on me. So guys tell me. Will he come back? Does he reallyy hate me? Or is it just anger? Please please pleaseee help me what will happen? Our parents also know about our relationship and it seems like they dont want it to be broken? I have also developed a certain amount of hate for him but I just want to know is he happy after doing this to me? Or is he just as depressed and sad as I am? It would really help a lot if you guys told me why this happens? He isn't dating any other girl he said he wants to die single to his friends so what? Its driving me crazy whats up with him? Will he ever regret what he did and apologize to me? Or will he now never come back to me? I tried talking to him through text but he ignored. Does he reallyy hate me that much all of a sudden?


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  • Is he suffering from depressions? Have family problems?

    Maybe he just needs some time by himself but even he should know that whatever the issue, he doesn't have to go it alone.

    • yes i dont know exactly what the problem in his family is but yes he does have depression i noticed because there are always some problems going on in his family. they dont get along very well whenever i was there

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    • @Asker, your welcome and thanks for mho

    • ur welcome😊

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