Why do Humans want Closure?

Things don't work out, the other person doesn't seem to care... but you get stuck, wondering why things didn't work out, wanting the truth, being so unsure of yourself.

Why do humans want closure?

I ask because I fell in love with a girl, I have no clue what actually happened between us, she won't give me a clear answer, I don't know the perfect thing to say, and I can't move on. I really want to know how she truly felt, If I'm just crazy or she did actually like me. Or just some piece of information that would help me move on.


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  • For me, I need closure because Im too in tune with my or other peoples emotions. In other words, Im really sensitive. When I don't get closure or get a reason for why I need to suddenly leave a person I get sad. Sometimes it freaks me out for a few weeks and I get depressed. I guess technically people could deal with a few weeks of heartbreak, but I don't know. I guess closure just shortens things up and makes it less painful sometimes.

    • I'm sensitive and emotional too. I'm having a hard time getting over this girl, and she won't give me closure. I feel hurt and I'm not sure what to do.

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  • Humans want closure, because it provides meaning and renewed purpose to an otherwise empty scenario.

    The necessity of closure comes from the trust between the individuals. If this trust falters in thine own self or for another, then at times, it is easier for people to not realize that all the time spent actually means something, than it is to realize the suffering you will endure and have imparted on another that will develop a character more matched with the discontentment​ and void of life itself.

    • another will* removing "that".

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    • You don't need it to have definitive meaning. You can accept it for it is and be thankful that wherever you find love or a good opportunity or even the opportunity to experience what it was and have that uncover knowledge about yourself.

      When I look back at my relationships, even the ones that were the most chaotic and bent, I wouldn't have ever known all the things I Do and Don't know about my past, current, and future self. I'm grateful to have experienced such tenderness. I remember the well-meaning character that drew me towards them in the first place. Though people change and it is difficult to realize how much, especially when you become deaf to your desires and theirs.

      Reflect on it, but don't dwell on it. Show yourself some compassion.

    • accept it for what it is* Lord, my grammar.

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  • Because it's right.

  • Time is the real closure, it will hurt for a few months and if you are not in every day contact with her you will eventually move on. Trust me getting an answer would be pretty difficult but even if you get one would it really help? She won't come back that's how these end all the best for your future.

    • It's been 2 years and we are in contact still. I work with her.

    • Oh man that is not the ideal scenario. If you still truly feel for her just approach her in a non spooky way call her out for lunch or dinner and ask her. Maximum she will say no or she might come and answer all you want to know. Take it like a man how ever it goes. I know you would roll your eyes when you read what I just wrote as if it's that easy but come back your self and go do it. It might turn both of you off for like one day but the days after that will be easier. All the best bro

    • I don't know I tried once, asking her to talk but she said she was busy and left me... It really sucks, I'm so confused

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