I am annoyed by myself as I can't get over a crush on a friend who is apparently not the right guy for me, help?

we have been friends for 1,5 years now but we spend quite some time abroad of these 1.5 years. i am sure he had a crush on me during the first months as well but he is an absolute chicken and said several times that he never makes a first move and i wasn't sure if he likes me back then and then we went abroad.
i think there are in the end not that many reasons why we are friends, we have a very similar set of interests and to some degree lifestyles but otherwise we don't have anything in common. i find him attractive and i know that there aren't too many people who are exactly interested in those things that we like but there are sooooooo many things which would be problems and why i think he would be the wrong one. he loves to hang out with girls but i am a jealous type of person, especially since those girls don't like me, he has a bff who looks like a supermodel and who he has known for more than 10 years and i am sure the moment she would say that she likes him he'd jump right at her, etc. but I JUST EFFING CANNOT GET OVER HIM and i am sooo freanking annoyed by myself for that
how can i truly internalize that?


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  • I don't know, it can be a lot of factors. And even a psychologist couldn't determine only with that background.
    In my case, when I couldn't get over someone for a lot of times, it was because I didn't have many opportunities in the first place. So I had to hang to what I had, and it was that person.
    I'd say that's the primary reason for a lot of people.


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