Is he really worth my time?

okay so my best guy friend that I'm like totally in love with has a stupid,slutty,whorish girlfriend who I DESPISE cause she's cheated on him so many times. he deserves better and I wanna be that better but I'm always cut out the picture because of her. I really like him but sometimes wonder if he's really worth my time. I mean I've liked him since like 1st grade and we've had an on and off relationship before he met that slut. now he barely talks to me. I want things between us different but he obviously doesn't wanna get over his stupid girlfriend who by the way ******cheated on him 3 times!***** I want us to be close but idkk. I don't know if he's really worth my time. Is he?


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  • If you have told him that you are interested in him, and he remains with his "slutty. stupid, whorish" girlfriend, it's time to move on. If you haven't, tell him that he deserves better, and you would be that girl. Of course tell it in a more passionate fashion.


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