How do I get over someone when I don't feel resolved?

We seperated our own ways, but it didn't really feel like an end between us. All of a sudden she just stopped talking and stopped hanging out with me, and I don't really know why. A few weeks before, we were actually talking about getting into a relationship, and she said she was leaning towards a yes. The next thing I know, she just ditched me. Just like that. She even pretends like it never happened in the first place. Often though, when we see eachother, we both stare at eachother, or become in a state where we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Its been 6 months, and we are still doing the same old game, but now she is avoiding me like the plague. I have been trying to get over her in all this time, but I honestly haven't really gone that far.


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  • she made her choice, there must have been somebody else and then it didn't work out or it did work out or whatever but who really cares? She didn't care about you enough.


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