How Dumb is this idea?

I dated this girl for 3 years. We went through numerous ups and downs. She was LDS and I am not, and last year she decided to go an a mission.
I proposed to her anyway, and she accepted, but wanted to wait until she got back to make it official. I even pitched in to pay for her mission, and also bought her all new luggage for her mission.
Towards the time she was about to leave. She stopped telling me she loved me, and wouldn't talk to me as much. She then told me that she'd never marry me because she had gone through the LDS temple.
She didn't even say goodbye.
She sent me a few emails two months later with a small apology some hurtfull things.
She then sent me her book of Mormon and a crappy goodbye letter. Saying God told her not to be in my life anymore and that I needed the book to find happiness.
I sent her a goodbye letter saying how heartbroken and everything I was, and sent the book, all of our pictures, and her notes/letters to me back to her parents house.

I'm still hurting. She doesn't even see that what she did was wrong.
Anyway my idea was, I got into a serious accident before she left and I needed surgery that is very risky due to the damage.
She had requested one of my friends to tell her if I had passed away in the surgery.
So, I'd make a fake email of one of my friends and inform her of my passing, despite being alive and getting through the surgery.
Delete my Facebook so her family can't counter the story.
So she feels all that pain after what she did to me. Because I don't know where she is at to express my displeasure to her.
I know I need to move on.
But she has hurt me so many times for selfish things, and she has crushed my heart.
Any alternative ideas are welcome.

please advise


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  • I was concerned about her, but I'm concerned about you now. Why would you do that? She is not worth it and you need to get your head on straight.

    • Why were you concerned for her?

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    • She's constantly hurting me and breaking me
      I've never treated her less than a queen

    • I get it, but at some point you're going to realize you wasted your time period maybe you have already, but doing what you're doing only brings you down. it's all I've got, you take care

What Guys Said 1

  • You know what? Just forget her. You are so much better off without being married to a religious zealot.


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