When and why would a guy just bail?

I met this guy a couple of months ago. He came up to me first to introduce himself even if he was obviously a bit shy or nervous but we ended up having a good convo and became friends. At first it was plain friendship but it started to get very flirty and even suggestive.

We ended up frequently hanging out one-on-one, talked to each other everyday (he would often start it), etc. One day we ended up cuddling intimately and touching a bit and he tried to kiss me. For some reason, I turned away and told him that I wasn't ready to make out with him (part of which was cos I haven't made out in a while and didn't want to embarrass myself). He said OK and kept cuddling for a bit but then he had to leave.

Since then he's acted differently with me and now we don't talk anymore. He's sent a couple of texts after that night (one saying I was a tease) and I've replied, the last one asking him about our "thing" (relationship/friendship/whatever you wanna call it) and if it still means anything other than plain friendship. He never replied or messaged me again. It's been several weeks. Since then I've heard a couple of rumors that some girls he works with likes him but no word on whether he likes any of them back and is doing anything about it.

I sent him a message this morning, asking how he's been. Was that the right thing to do? It just feels so...open-ended and I wish we had closure. What was he thinking and why did he just disappear?


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  • It's the right thing to do to contact him.


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