Ex boyfriends and your friends?

This question is for a ex boyfriend that dumped his girl.

Guys would/have you "used" your ex girlfriend's friend for getting information on your ex girlfriend?

My ex ran into my friend and they started to talk about me/us (not sure who brought my name up in the convo) but just wondering if he was asking or telling my friend things to get information? I never got a call from him so what could this mean?

He and I dated for three years and broke up almost a year ago. I stop talking to him about three months ago. He probably wanted to know if I moved on right?


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  • Guys are chickens not to many guys like to admit they screw up. I will say this when you date someone for any amount of time there is always a little bit of the love for that person left.It would either be one of two scenarios one he like to know everything is ok with you and the other he's wondering what type of effect the break had on you I mean three years is a long time and one year apart is not enough for any person to just pickup and move on it health to take sometime to get over a relationship especial one that last that long.


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  • yeah that is a safe bet truth be told if you got any hotter he might really regretting the breakup

    • How would you know he regretted the break up? He doesn't call me...

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  • its the oldest trick in the book, but it goes both ways. I received a phone call from my ex boyfriend friend looking for my ex boyfriend he claimed that he didn't know my ex boyfriend and I broke up just about a month ago. I spoke to them and have spoken to them a few times recently and have asked if they heard from my ex boyfriend still and they said no which is concerning to me even though I shouldn't give a damb about him. he may have asked to see if you were single. its better that they ask a friend so if you are not single they don't embarrass them self by trying to get you back.

  • It seems a little bit like you're hanging on to the hope that your ex is trying to find out things about you. It's ok, that's a natural feeling after a breakup, of a long relationship. The most important thing to do is just take it for what it is, try not to analyse things, he didn't contact you so perhaps he didn't hear anything he didn't already know. If you focus on yourself and what YOU are doing in your life, and focus on being happy - your ex can only know good things about you! And whether you want to move on unscathed or have him miss you - you will always win. So smile and start loving yourself :)


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