How do you 'get over' someone?

Ive liked this guy for ages, but its ridiculous and a waste of my time and heart because he flirts and fancies all of my close friends, but never me. I'm not in love with him or anything, but whenever someone asks me out I have to say no because I always think of him. So how do I get over him? I want to like someone else and just get on with my life. Bear in mind I see him every day for 7 hrs at school :) thanks guys, any advice appreciated :D xxx


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  • The best way is to start seeing other guys. Even though you don't want to it's the best way especially if you have to see him everyday. Their's no special way to get over someone other than NC or time but in ur case you have to see him. Trust me you will meet someone & when you do you won't even think of him.

    • it worked ;) thankyou:)

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