Had a great relationship which fell down the drain after some years. I know I shouldn't still be thinking about that as it's unhealthy but what can I do when my mind can't stop thinking about that which is lost.. haha must of my friends suggests I go out more and meet other girls but unfortunately they're either less pretty than my ex and I can't do less but only better I mean it's a rule of life, don't mean to sound arrogant though. or really beautiful and those kind of girls are mostly rude.. Or just dumb. i dont buy just going out with the sole purpose of meeting a beauty and just hooking up, that won't still fix the void I feel now. I know it seems like I'm trying to compare everyone with my ex but isn't that really just how it goes. Though who knows I might actually be lucky enough to fall in love again and I know none of all that would matter. Whats your opinion on this?


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  • I know I'm really young but I know how you feel. I just wanted to break up with my ex the entire time we were together because of pressure, but right after I broke up I regretted it. I'm still suffering. It's been so long and I think he has forgotten me, but I'm still in pain. I don't just love anyone... but anyway. I think you just need to give yourself time.

    • Yes I need to give myself time trying to focus on what's important right now and forget what's past

    • You don't have to forget. Remember what you once had and loved. Learn from your previous mistakes. Just don't live in the past

    • Right... Thanksâ˜ș

  • I went through the same thing. Although, Im 32 now, my relationship started at 19 and went until I was 21. Its been 12 years. Im married now and just ran into my ex. He broke up with me. No reason, no talks, we just both knew it was time. When I ran into him, I was so filled with hurt, anger, yet wanting him to want me at the same time. We talked for a bit then I realized, he was consuming my life every day since. I dont think its love, but I think about him (the good thoughts, and the bad thoughts) I decided its mind over matter. Trust me when I say the dumper ALWAYS comes back. Even if its been years and you contact them first. If you haven't reached out to your ex in months or even years, I would say to try to. Just to say hey. Catch up and go from there. Had we both not been married, I can't say for sure, but we probably would have given it another chance. However, we are both happily married and it gave me some piece of mind knowing that I will never get a real explanation, I will never know whether he thought about me, but yet, my life is great and Im not sure he could make me as happy as my husband does. The frustrating part for you, or at least me is that you have no control over your feelings. I mean 12 years later and I feel so many raw emotions! Hang in there. From a womens point of view, Im sure she still cares for you. And to keep you frok going insane, just reach oUt.

    • We actually have spoken a few times after the break up, and I realised everytime we do I get a constant reminder that it's never gonna be the same. so I decided now that I'll erase everything that has to do with her and focus on a what's important in my life right now. You have someone you're happy with now, I'm sure that's a really great feeling. I hope one day I'll find my own or rather waiting for the day I will so in order for me to fix my mind and set it straight I'll just have to make myself understand that it's never gonna be like before at least with her.

    • Its so cliche but it really does help to direct your mind somewhere else. It definitely won't be the same. Its so hard to accept. Its like torture. I would text my sister every other day and say "please put me out of my misery" it was so bad. I promise it does get better. Each day you can think of her less is a good day. Hang in there. Truth is though, you nevee truly heal from it. And I mean never. No matter how beautiful of a life you create (like mine) you can't fully enjoy it because someone stripped a piece of you. Surround yourself with friends, and family. Do whatever it takes, but just know it does get better.

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