Does caring a lot makes us seem desperate?

do guys think we're desperate if we care a lot or ask their friends if they still like us because I get a little doubtful. we were together for a few years and I cared about him a lot and he did too he showed through his actions that he loves and cares a lot and it was obvious to everyone that he loves me maybe even more than I did and I showed the same attitude towards him but now he said that it concerned him that I am getting too much attached at a very early age and then then broke up with me? is this the reason or is there some other reason he might have broke up with me? because when I cared for him he seemed to get really happy but now he just hates me because of this all of a sudden? please help. what is going on in his mind? I will move on because after this I have developed hate for him but I want to know what maybe the actual reason. help.


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  • I think you were in right position. if you have been dating for longer time then its natural to get more and more attached. if he thinks that you were being clingy then he's not worth your time. in a way thats good cos you found this side of him sooner. bottom line its not you, its him.

    • I know he used to get real happy when I cared and we were going great. but I dont know what made him change his mind all of a sudden that he doesn't even wanted to talk to me

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