What is wrong with me?

Hello! It's only been a couple of months since 2017 started and it's already been absolute hell for me! I've already experienced 3 separate heartbreaks this year. The first one was when I found out this girl has been lying about liking me for three months, the second was being ditched at prom and the girl being so terrified when I tried to talk to her and I finally the last one which went like this, I asked my crush to meet me after school so I could talk to her you know confess, maybe even get her number and such will let's just say that I waited so long that the teachers had to kick me out of the building! With each heartbreak this year, I just feel any and all confidence I had built up before then was just squashed, which also didn't help with my anxiety and my stutter. What is wrong with me?


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  • It's not really heart breaks you'd have to have been in an actual relationship with them, all that happened is your ego was hurt


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