We had a silly fight with my girlfriend and now she blocked me what should I do?

We were dating for two years becoming serious for the past few months really good together I was away due to work and when I came back she said she will come and meet at my place as her relative is there then she changed the plan and said let's go out
I went to her place to surprise her and but it didn't go well and she was acting weird and I made a massive mistake and cause argument and she got angry and told me let's meet tomorrow and talk later and I tried to talk to her to go out but she didn't let go and I left
She went out when I left
Now after she blocked me everywhere tried calling her but didn't go though
Pleas e help me
I thought send he flowers with a note and I did but no response
It's almost four days gone and im going mad
This is very childish behaviour without even any conversation to cut all
I don't understand we have a trip plannned in the next two weeks and I don't know what I should do anymore
what's going on
Should I approach her or...


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What Girls Said 1

  • What kind of argument did you cause?

    • Nothing serious
      She was suppose to come to my place but she changed the plan four times
      I went to her place to go out with her and her friend but was a bit tired so ask her if we are going out to stay long and she said we probably will
      I told her I'm tired I will chill with you until you go out and will head home
      She got sad and I changed my mind and said I will stay and come with you guys out
      But then she got mad and kept saying no I don't want to go out with you tonight and asked me to see her the next day and I left
      I sent her flowers with note and apologise
      Tried calling with my colleague phone and sent a long text to apologise and talk
      We were serious and even I made despair for the ring and had trip plan for tomorrow and next week

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    • Perhaps give the trip to close friends to go.. like a couple

    • I don't care about trip I do care about her
      I want her back and I didn't do a massive mistake and apologise what should I do just wait

What Guys Said 2

  • sounds like she just wants to avoid you. lay low for a while and see if she wants to talk again

    • Understand that mate
      But again this is childish I didn't do anything to deserve this
      Tomorrow and next weekend we had made a plan and I have paid for tickets hotels festivals for both of us... what should I do now I'm going mad

  • do you think she's​ worth it?

    • I do otherwise wouldn't chase after her we were dating for two years we had our fights as normal but we were talking about getting married and even set a rough date

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    • the surprise trip plan for the next day

    • The surprise plan was planned one month ago... not now

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