Ex deleted my pictures?

I got into an un-official, but more than friends, relationship with the man who took my senior pictures (I'm 19, he's 31). We worked together at a restaurant, and the place found out we were involved, leading to me quitting and us having a BIG fight. Fast forward 5 months, I've quit my job now, twice, and people are still talking. I went out with a friend and we saw some servers from work, who said, "You like _, don't you? You came in the other night and one of the girls pointed you out and said 'There's _ little hunny.'" Which I never expected to hear. We don't talk, and he's blocked me from everything. But people are still talking, so I'm not sure if he's still interested in me or not. I then went in with two of my girlfriends and the girl I went out with that night and her mom were there to eat as well and told me that he was talking to her mom and said that he thought I was stalking him just bc I went out with some people from work and so he went to a different bar. I asked the server he went out with that night when people kept coming to our table to say stuff, or just come over to talk, and he said that it was his pick to go to a different bar bc he's sick of karaoke, instead of my ex, who is the one who asked him where he wanted to go. That night, I saw that he deleted all of the professional pictures he took of me and the ones he had on his website? I'm very confused and hurt that would have to go out of his way to do that.


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