Ever gotten back with an EX after a year?

My ex has been ignoring me since the break-up and I have been giving him his space. It's been 8 months and I contacted him in hopes to get in touch. He told me that he's dating, but not in a relationship. He told me that he wanted the break-up because he wasn't ready for a relationship or date, but now I see that it's a lie. He has blocked me from messaging him, except for one application. He'll only respond if I say something first. It usually ends with him saying that I'm an ex and we can't be friends.

I'm mad at him, but I miss him. In the beginning he was a dream, however, he started treating me poorly towards the end (physically and verbally). I knew he was stressed so I always put his outbursts behind. For some reason, I can't stay mad at him. I'm doing my own thing except dating other people. I'm not ready at the moment.

Can anyone from a previous or similar experience like mine share a thought? I need all the advice I can get.
Ever gotten back with an EX after a year?
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