Ever gotten back with an EX after a year?

My ex has been ignoring me since the break-up and I have been giving him his space. It's been 8 months and I contacted him in hopes to get in touch. He told me that he's dating, but not in a relationship. He told me that he wanted the break-up because he wasn't ready for a relationship or date, but now I see that it's a lie. He has blocked me from messaging him, except for one application. He'll only respond if I say something first. It usually ends with him saying that I'm an ex and we can't be friends.

I'm mad at him, but I miss him. In the beginning he was a dream, however, he started treating me poorly towards the end (physically and verbally). I knew he was stressed so I always put his outbursts behind. For some reason, I can't stay mad at him. I'm doing my own thing except dating other people. I'm not ready at the moment.

Can anyone from a previous or similar experience like mine share a thought? I need all the advice I can get.


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  • He's making it clear he wants nothing more to do with you, that he's moved on. Please spare yourself the heartache and try to erase him from your life too. I have weak moments too when I wanna contact my ex husband. We ended on such a good note, he said we'd still be friends but it's been almost a year and I haven't heard from him. Don't waste your feelings on someone not worth it.

    • The breakup was confusing. Even though he wanted to stick to his word, he would leave drunk "I love you" messages and how he missed me on valentines day. After I wrote him an email telling him how he wasn't the best and how I wished him well, he cut me off completely. I kind of regret it, but the email was the truth. You're right, I shouldn't waste my time. I just have a hard time not thinking about him. I dream about this guy almost every night. Do you still dream about your ex?

    • His body yes, him no...

    • Yes, I do still dream about my ex. And they're always the kind where we're getting back together. And I'm so happy in them and sad when I wake up. I feel guilty about it too because I moved on and have a wonderful boyfriend. But I can honestly say that I'm not 100% over my ex, but we were together 6 years so it will just take time. He probably cut you off now because of whatever you said, he knows you're done and decided not to humiliate himself any further. Honestly if he was treating you bad both verbally and physically you are sooooo much better off. But I understand your feelings. It's a controlling mechanism, he wants to always have the upper hand. Don't let him.

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  • Yeah sadly, I regret it. He broke up with me the first time because he claimed he wasn't ready for a relationship. Almost a year later, he asks me out again, everything is just peachy for three weeks, and then the bombshell. He had been cheating on me with four other girls, one of which being my "best friend". So I don't know if I'm ever getting back together with another ex again.

    • I'm sorry that you went through that. I also suspected cheating. The break-up was odd when it happened and I confronted him about it. The last day I moved my stuff out, he was bawling and said that we can't be together. I still wonder if he cheated or did something to feel some type of guilt.

  • No but he will come back

  • you shouldn't try to contact an ass hole ex they'll just make you feel bad. if he liked you he would've contacted you sooner himself. show him that you have self respect and move on.

    • You're right. I'm trying hard not to. Thinking about his smelly pee-wee worked in the beginning, but not anymore...

    • I know its hard. he was dreamy in the start but now he's with someone else. so just try and use the hurt you're feeling because of him against him as a reason to hate him. because thats what im doing

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