Guys, Hard wired to help out or does he still care about his ex?

My boyfriend and I have been together for years. We have a great relationship. I dont care about his past. But his ex text him and said her car wouldn't start. She said she was right up the road and hated to reach out but was hoping he could come take a look. He was always into jeeps/cars so I dont mind. My question is did he help her because he still cares, or did he help her because he's a man and men are "hard-wired" to help the damsel in distress? Does matter who the girl is- mom, ex, sister. Does it matter their opinion of them, do men feel the need to help? My girlfriends are telling me to keep a close eye out on him. He said he doesn't talk to her hardly at all. Thoughts?


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  • My concern about your question is to not to be judgmental in my answer First of all I would be asking at what point did his X decide. to contact him when many cars or other vehicles normally have some sort of break down service Why was she in the area and why after all of this time why did she still have his number and the confidence to ring for help However that aside A guy does like to rescue a damsel in distress but it's not usually a female we have had a relationship Be careful

    • I like the way you think! Something to think about! Thank you!

    • your welcome just be careful

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  • If they art meeting or talking what's the real issue. He probably just went out to help a friend. maybe just an oddity in the relationship world where a guy and a woman didn't just explode and hate each other forever.
    Or maybe he is a genuine I'll help anybody kind of guy. It may seem strange but most guys after hard break ups (or relationship) in this case might just not want to see or hear from them but may have the old feeling of she's a friend and she's in trouble.

    • Thats how I feel about it. Like I mentioned I dont really care about his past and too be honest, I'm okay with his exes, heck two of them were at our wedding :) but when people around you are saying be careful, and knowing they lived together, had houses and cars together, it just had me question it, only for a second though.

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    • I have to give it to him, he got the call, hung up and told me who it was and asked if it was okay to help her out. I said, of course. I didn't mind at all. I get to work, I blab to my girlfriends about it, just in passing and they all looked at me crazy for being ok with it! I didn't really think twice until they kept mentioning it. Im okay with being friends with exes. Im in good standing with mine. Even the ones who cheated on me. Past is the past.

    • well then the issue is input from the friends and their worries.
      It's OK to worry after another close individual (s) say they would worry. However as long as it doesn't become encompassing over your true thought. which is I trust my husband to the full extent. and it sounds he's given you the same back.
      Personal opinion you two are truly dependable people with each other.

  • there are a lot of factors in this question that i will never know. i would just keep an eye on him and see what happens in the near future

    • I trust him. he's a good guy who goes with the flow. Has never given me a reason not to trust him. She was at the park near our house and her car wouldn't start. He said if he could, he would come help but that he needed to make sure I was ok with it first. I told him yes. Her reasons for calling him, I dont know but I would like to think any advances made towards him, he would dismiss. He's just an overall chill kinda guy who helps anyone. Maybe Im too naive, but Id rather be fucked over by someone I put my trust into than to be considered a nagging bitch, you know..

    • it could be because he is just an overall nice guy and doesn't mind helping a former lady friend, i highly doubt that he would still have any sort of feelings for her since he now has you, i don't think that where she was is a big issue just due to the fact that if you live somewhere and meet someone chances are you might run into them again or have to drive by where they live for whatever reason. it's good that he checked with you about going over there before doing it.

  • Because he still has feelings. If one of my exes asked I'd tell them to drop dead

  • mostly hard-wired.


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