He broke up with me, Why is he going out of his way to make me see him?

He ended it with me a month ago then a week later he started a new relationship and now he's in ANOTHER since that other one. He never used to go to the upstairs of my school but he always is now. And he stands where I have to pass him to go to my locker and go back again. He was beside MY locker yesterday and a couple of his friends and it seemed as if they had to use the plugin next to MY locker when there's a lot of other ones. He knows that's my locker too. He goes out of his way to sit near me in school and to walk by me in the halls and stays by my classes cause he knows my schedule. When he goes where I have to be (knowing I'll be going that way), he's constantly staring over at me repeatedly. He has a girlfriend.. So why is he going out of his way to make me see him all the time and stares at me?


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  • he wants u to be jealous. He wants to hurt u more. but look don't pay attention to him. u van find someone so much better beautiful


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  • Teen relationship dramaπŸ˜‘im glad i didn't have expierence that bullshit.

    • You think I want this drama? He ended it and I just want him to leave me alone.

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    • good luck with your future and that fucked up guy. cya

    • yeah thanks πŸ˜… you too

  • Why do you care?


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