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So. I want to get my rook done on my right ear and my cartilage done on my left. But I am wondering whether I should get them done at the same time or wait?

I am really excited to get them! :D

Please post some experiences below, pain, jewelery etc :)

Thanks !


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  • i wouldn't get them done at the same time because from my experience and my friend's experience, its hard to sleep on and every time something hit my ear wrong my cartilage hurt. I went with 14 K for my cartilage because I didn't want it to get infected because of a cheap earring, so my suggestion is that or sterling silver.

    What I notice when I first got my cartilage done was a bump on the back of my ear, and it didn't start to go down until 6 months after I got it done. I've now had it for a year and a half and there's barely anything there now.

    Hope this is helpful. Good luck


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  • i'd do them at different times in case you are happy with just the first one and decide you don't want the second. I mean it's not permanent, but still not worth doing if you might be happy with just the first. I did them together and realized I didn't need the cartilage one. and if you do both, stick to smaller jewelry to adjust to having both.

  • do it at the same time so you don't have time to chicken out


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